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Pork From the Freezer


High Quality & Delicious Pork Products





Our pigs are born and raised in the pasture on our farm. When they are finished growing we take them to a local processor where they are inspected, processed, and vacuum sealed. Listed below are all the bundle options we offer. We can not carry all cuts and flavors at all times but we do our best to give you the variety and flavors you love. Please call, text, or email for our current inventory.

Tasty Pork Bundles - Order Today!


Our Freezer Filler is a must have to make sure you're ready with an option for any occasion. It's packed full of flavor with both classical cuts and grilling favorites.The exact contents of each bundle varies, but is guaranteed to have something you love!!  

The Griller        $100

This bundle is designed to make you the top neighborhood grilling spot! Filled with great cuts to grill or barbeque with your secret sauce and cook times. Pork chops, pork steaks, baby back ribs, and boston butts from livestock raised in the fresh air and pasture grass.  

The Builder      $100

If you are the type to control your own destiny, or you have a taste for certain things, give us a call. We can send you a list of our current inventory and we can build you a bundle to suit your needs.

The Early Bird     $50

The Early Bird is here for those morning folks. Or maybe those who love breakfast for supper? It has all of those American breakfast staples. Bacon, sausage and ham steaks to name a few and 1 dozen free range eggs. Sounds like one heck of a wake up call!!

The gameday     $50

The Game Day is the perfect bundle to get you ready for some quick grilling while you're cheering on your favorite team. It contains our premium ground pork and multiple flavors of brats. Throw in some buns with chips and dip and you're ready!! 

!!!Join our subscription program!!!

If you are a pork lover our subscription program is exactly what you need. All you need to do is contact us, tell us you want to become a subscriber and you will receive your choice of The Builder, The Early Bird or The Gameday every month, along with two dozen complimentary free range eggs from our very own chickens and an additional discount!

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